Regular Home Cleaning

We offer a bespoke home cleaning service from bed changing to plant watering. Please let us know your requirements when you contact us, we are always happy to help.

Our standard home cleaning includes:
dusting and sanitising of all accessible surfaces.
Sanitising the outside of all kitchen appliances, cupboards & cabinets.
Thorough cleaning of the kitchen & bathrooms inluding all tiles, and any mild occurrences of mould.
Wiping down & buffing of all glass surfaces, & chrome.
Cleaning of all reachable light fittings.

Removal of dust and marks from plug sockets, switches, door handles & door frames.

Cleaning of reachable insides of all windows &
Vacuuming & mopping of all floor surfaces.

How Does It Work?

  • Click the above appointment button.
    Fill out the contact form or call us direct.

  • We'll shortly be in touch to discuss your service requrements.

  • We'll match you with a professional, dedicated cleaner. Who will clean your home to a high quality standard.

Try Our One-Time Cleaning service!

Our Service Benefits

One-time cleaning sevices available.

  • Good way to test our cleaning services.

  • Total flexibility without commitment.

  • For occasional cleaning services or just a little extra help just once

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